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Dark Roast Coffee Gift Package #4

Dark Roast Coffee Gift Package #4

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Dark roast is the standard in American coffee houses. For decades, dark bold brews  have given us a toasty, nutty flavor profile with a rich mouthfeel and a finish that leaves you craving another cup. Mixing extraordinarily with milks and cream, and pulls an excellent espresso shot. Green coffee beans are roasted for longer thus caramelizing internal sugars creating that caramel taste. Fan of the classic morning cup of java?  Odds are it’s a dark roast.   One of the coffees that shine as a dark roast is Ethiopian coffee.  Other African coffee that produce a fine dark roast are Kenya coffee and Tanzanian coffee.  In the Americas, Mexican coffee, Cost Rican coffee and Colombian coffee all stand up well to a dark roast.

Smooth, RIch Dark Roast coffees, whether French Press or ground coffee.  Never bitter and always roasted for peak flavor.  We start with the best coffee beans; first crop absolutely fresh green coffee beans.  We then gently roast them until slight drops of oil appear on the surface of the coffee bean.   Our state-of-the-art fluid air bed roasters produce some of the best dark roasted coffee for French press, pour over coffee, drip coffee and aeropress coffee.


1 Pound Columbian  Dark Roast                 $16

1 Pound Kenya Kipal Dark Roast               $ 16

1 Pound Tanzanian Dark Roast                   $16

Total > Qty 3,  one pound packages =     $48