Guatemalan, Finca Nueva Granada Geisha Honey Processed
Guatemalan, Finca Nueva Granada Geisha Honey Processed

Guatemalan, Finca Nueva Granada Geisha Honey Processed

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Country: Guatemala

 Region: San Marcos

Farm: Finca Nueva Granada

Elevation: 5,200 Feet

Drying Process: Honey

Acidity: Smooth/Fruity

Body: Nice/Full

Cupping Notes: Blueberry, Floral, Pear, Honey

During harvest time at Finca Nueva Granada, in the municipality of San Marcos, seasonal workers strap wicker baskets to their waists each morning, preparing to pass through the farm's full groves, making pregnant bellies of deep red coffee cherries.

Nestled between Guatemala's tallest volcanoes, Tajumulco and Tacana, the coffee trees of Finca Nueva Granada sit high on mountainous slopes in soil made rich by volcanic ash.  After picking, employees use the farm's spring water source to pulp the cherries, washing and grading the coffees before they are dried on patios.

Once again we recognize Finca Nueva Granada as Guatemala's first Rain Forest Alliance certified farm, and this special harvest is a HONEY PROCESSED GEISHA.

 Rather than fermenting and washing the coffee after pulping, honey processed (sometimes called pulped natural or less frequently semi-washed) coffees like this one are left to dry with a bit of the sticky fruit still intact. Color designations tend to indicate the amount of fruit left: white honeys have nearly none at all, while red honeys are the “classic” style and black honeys, such as this example, are left to dry with as much fruit as possible. The seeds are left with a little reddish hue still clinging to the silver skin and a lot of bold, fruity flavors.

The Geisha tree or Abisinian is known to be a high and rarefied plant; its leaves are oblong and narrow. The cherries and seeds are known to be big and can be easily recognized.

First brought to international prominence in 2004 from a farm in Panama, this ediscovered coffee originates in Ethiopia close to the original home of coffee. With prices for high altitude Geishas fetching over $600 per pound (highest price recorded for ANY coffee), this Guatemalan Geisha from the boutique farm of Nueva Granada, is an outstanding example of a fine Geisha coffee.