Maui Red Catuai AAA
Maui Red Catuai AAA

Maui Red Catuai AAA

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Northern Maui coffee farm.


Country: United States

Region: Maui, Hawaii

Farm: Ka'anapali Estate

Elevation: 1700 feet

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Raised beds

Acidity: Smooth/Bright

Body: Nice/Full

Cupping Notes: Burgundy Wine, Cinnamon, Honey


This Maui Red Catuai coffee provides a wonderfully bright flavor in a medium roast,so it retains its great flavor characteristics and natural sugars. Often referred to as the "cabernet of coffees", the burgundy flavor notes are reminiscent to a beautiful red wine. The Maui coffee is grown on the same trees as the Kona coffee but because it is grown in the Western Mountain region the soils and temperature are different.

The Hawaiian Islands offer a unique wide range of growing conditions for coffee, making Hawaii the only coffee region in the U.S. Each island’s coffee has its own distinctive complex balance of taste and aroma.Enjoy this special coffee brought to you for your drinking pleasure.