Mexican Organic Chiapas Dark Roast Coffee

Mexican Organic Chiapas Dark Roast Coffee

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organic mexican coffee, Chiapas, medium roast

Coffee Information

Country: Mexico

Region: Chipas

Farm: Bats’il Maya Cooperative

Elevation: 900-1250 Meters

Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Garnica, Oro Axteca

Milling Process: Natural and Honey

Body: Smooth/Medium

Acidity: Sweet/Above Average

Cupping Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Fig, Raisin


Our first Mexican offering of the season comes from an indigenous producers cooperative in Chiapas called Bats’il Maya, organized in 1993 as a response to neglect and abuse by the traditional intermediaries in the coffee supply chain.

Located in the north-central highlands of Chiapas in the Sierra de Chiapas y Guatemala,  in the town of Chilón. As suggested by the name, this main ridge extends to Huehuetenango in western Guatemala, some 200km away.

The coffee is the work of roughly 300 farming families producing a number of varieties across an average elevation of 1100 meters.