About Us

Welcome to Jimmy's Java, purveyors of fine, fresh roasted coffee and Jimmy's Cold Brew Espresso.
Our journey starts in 2002 in Boone, NC (although the idea and logo for Jimmy's Java was conceived right here in Cape Coral!)  After a several year run in the mountains it was time to go where the weather is warm.... 

In 2013, back in SWFL Jimmy chose Farmers Markets for his foray back into the retail coffee world.  With a casual request by a long time customer for Cold Brew and several months of experimentation with different coffee blends and techniques, we hit upon Jimmy's Cold Brew Espresso (not available online).   

Our method of brewing Cold Brew Espresso is so unique we were awarded a patent in October of 2018. January 2019 brought CBD into our world and we launched Balanced Chill.

Join Jimmy and Partner Ric Kerns in exploring the very best the coffee world has to offer!