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Collection: Naturally Flavored Coffee

Third Wave Flavored Coffee

Say what?  Isn't flavored coffee the antithesis of artisanal and the very idea of third wave?  Usually.  Most flavored coffee is a witch's brew of harsh solvents and weird tasting flavors; not Jimmy's Java Flavored Coffee.

While most brand name flavored coffee from the Internet Biggies is made with the lowest common denominator coffee (typically a sub standard, old coffee bean), Jimmy's starts with a current crop, organic Peruvian, Mexican or Colombian coffee; that same as we use for some of our single origin offerings. 

Next we thoroughly flavor-to-order the roasted coffee beans with a select natural flavoring.  These flavors tend to be more subtle than harsh chemical flavors and allow the underlying flavor of the coffee to complement Jimmy's Naturally Flavored Coffee.  All our flavors are hand curated with flavors and underlying roasted bean paired to bring out a unique Jimmy's Flavor.

Like all of Jimmy's Coffee offerings, our Naturally Flavored Coffee is prepared to order so you never receive something that was roasted and flavored months ago.  When we say fresh, we mean it!

All organic coffee beans lightly flavored with natural flavorings. 

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