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K-Cup, Matlacha Midnight

K-Cup, Matlacha Midnight

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K-Cups are here!  We've taken our signature Matlacha Midnigh Morning Blend to build K-Cups. 

Start your coffee adventure now with our Matlacha Midnight K-Cups. This post roast blend captures the essence of being on vacation with coffee from the premier regions of the world. This blend was designed to blanket the pallet with a rich, smooth sensation.

We roast each variety of coffee that goes into our Matlacha Midnight separately to preserve all the special flavors of each region.  We then mix the various roasted coffees into the succulent blend that is perfect for that special morning cup of coffee.

We use state-of-the-art fluid air bed roasters (basically giant popcorn poppers) to preserve just the subtle flavors of each coffee used in our Matlacha Midnight.  Traditional roasting equipment uses indirect heating to heat up the roasting drum, think cast iron skillet.  This imparts a 'roasted metal' flavor to roasted coffee; many describe this as a burnt flavor.  As usual, we use only state-of-the-art equipment that adds nitrogen to every cup to better preserve the flavor and freshness of these single cup servings.

If you enjoy your coffee smooth and flavorful, this is the coffee for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
George Cohen
Great coffee

Full flavored, bold coffee. We have given up all other brands for Jimmy’s Matlacha.

Jillian Miller

So so good!

K-cup,Matlacha Midnight

The packaging is different in size from Sanibel Sunrise K-cup and does not fit in my Keurig. I had to toss all of it. Would never buy again

Sheila Cushing
A wonderful coffee

Best coffee I’ve ever had

Kim V
Matlacha Midnight surprisingly smooth

Honestly, this is one of the best dark roasts I have ever tasted. It only is it robust and smooth, it does not have a bitter or acid aftertaste. I kept waiting for that ashtray taste after the first sip and did not get it all the way through the cup. I’m really impressed and will be back for more, maybe on a subscription the next time.