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Sumatran Takengon KKGO Dark Roast Coffee

Sumatran Takengon KKGO Dark Roast Coffee

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Country: Sumatra

Region: Takengon

Farm: Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organic Cooperative 

Elevation: 1220 to 1524 meters

Varietals: Bourbon,Catimor,S-795,Typica

Milling Process: Wet Hulled

Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

Cupping Notes: Roasted to a full city and one of our heaviest coffees with a full rich body, and low in acidity with notes of dark chocolate, black licorice, syrupy and molasses.

The Sumatra FTO Takengon KKGO coffee is produced on family-owned farms organized around the Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organic cooperative (KKGO), located in the Takengon highlands of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. This region of Indonesia is also referred to as the Gayo land because the coffee farmers are from the Gayonese ethnic group. A high percentage of farmers, typically from the most remote villages of the Takengon highlands, are widows who lost their husbands during periods of conflict in Aceh. These families are also in the process of rebuilding after an earthquake in 2013.

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Yaakov Rosenthal

Always consistently amazing.

Absolutely Delicious

I love this coffee rich, dark, satisfying and never bitter. I have been so thrilled with every Jimmy Java coffee I have tried that I have been getting my NY friends to try it too. Great company to do business with, super fast shipping. You will not be disappointed by any of the beans they sell.

kathleen hemenway

Sumatran Takengon KKGO Dark Roast Coffee

katie Y
sumatra dark

My favorite coffee

Quality in a bag

I love my Jimmy’s Java coffee so much. It is such a great coffee. The taSte is so bold and robust. It is hands down the best coffee ever.