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Hazelnut Creme Flavored Natural Coffee

Hazelnut Creme Flavored Natural Coffee

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Hazelnut Flavored Organic Coffee


Jimmy's flavored coffees are the best around.  We start with organic, single origin coffee from South America that is medium roasted.  Next, we gently blend in natural flavoring for just that right hint of flavor that enhances your coffee without overwhelming (the hallmark of most flavored coffee).  

Jimmy's Hazelnut Creme flavored coffee has a slight twist on traditional hazelnut flavored coffee; just a hint of Vanilla Creme flavoring.  With just the right amount of natural flavoring, this coffee is perfect with after dinner desert or all by itself for that first cup in the morning.  Great with Holiday meals, this all natural Hazelnut Creme Flavored Coffee can be enjoyed all year long.